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Here 5 Things What You Should Do Before a Detox


As we discussed earlier, preparation and a plan are essential to ensure that you succeed in your detox.

Once you have your plan in place, there are a few other considerations that will increase your odds of success.

1Check Medications

There may be some medications that need tweaking or some modifications to the detox plan based on your specific health conditions. Make sure to discuss your plans with your doctor to stay safe. Remember, natural doesn’t mean that there are no side effects or that it won’t cause adverse effects when used in combination with certain medications.

For example, if you have diabetes, some of these cleanses could interfere with your medications or insulin and may have to be adjusted accordingly.

Some foods and spices also interfere with the absorption of some medications. Not just by moving things quickly through your system as part of the detox, but also by causing your body to absorb your medicine too fast, too slowly, or not at all.

You may find you are better off with a juice detox over some of the others. Or that you need to do it longer but with more real food included to keep your blood sugar working correctly.

Your doctor may recommend that you consult with a nutritionist if you have certain medical conditions or need to follow a specific type of diet.

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