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Try This! 8 Best Recipes Tonics Drinks To Boost Your Happy Mood!


Do you know what tonic really means? It is defined as a drink that gives you a feeling of vigor or well-being. I absolutely love that definition. This section has some simple recipes for invigorating tonics. They all include either ginger or turmeric, which are anti-inflammatory and good for your gut in addition to being low-FODMAP. While ginger and turmeric are potent flavors, these combinations were crafted to make you love them.

These can be enjoyed on their own to give you a boost (just like the shots you will often find at juice shops). Alternatively, these can be added to sparkling water to create a flavorful beverage with no added sugar. Through extensive testing in my own kitchen, I found that one really easy way to measure your ingredients to make these “shots” is to use baby bottles! Baby bottles are clear and have ounce increments clearly labeled along the outside, making drink preparation super simple. I would suggest prepping your ingredients ahead of time so you can make more than one tonic once you start mixing.

Each tonic can be made by combining ingredients in a small cup or shot glass and stirring.



This shot blends the sweetness of coconut water with the tang of lemon and spice of ginger. It gives you a dose of electrolytes and vitamin C and has digestive benefits.


One teaspoon fresh lemon juice

½ teaspoon ginger juice

1-ounce coconut water

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